Taking action on climate change

Workers and solar panels

We all know that climate change is a serious issue. It demands a strong and immediate response in Victoria and around the world, but it’s important to remember taking action can start small. It’s the small steps we take today that builds to major change.

Higher temperatures, longer fire seasons and rising sea levels are all signs that our climate is changing. How do we help mitigate the risks and adapt for the future?

First, we must understand that climate change will affect us all in different ways and building resilience will mean developing a range of strategies that address local challenges and opportunities in each community.

At Sustainability Victoria, our role is providing practical support and advice to support our state. We work with communities and local governments, businesses and households to develop actions where they can have the most impact in the fight on climate change.

There is some great work already being done and we want to bring these collective insights and actions together to build resilience for our industries and businesses, provide greater comfort in our homes and protect our communities.

For more information about government action on climate change, you can go to the dedicated Victorian Government website where you will find the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report and Victorian Climate Change Framework.

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