Market development strategy for recovered resources

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Statewide Waste & Resource Recovery Infrastructure PlanThe 10-year Victorian Market Development for Recovered Resources Strategy (the strategy) was released on 26 August 2016. The strategy is a key priority of delivering the 30-year Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan.

About the strategy

The strategy provides a statewide approach for government, industry and the community to increase markets for recovered resources by:

  • stimulating and supporting markets for the use of recovered materials through research and development, product specifications and quality standards
  • support conditions for the resource recovery and manufacturing sectors to grow and create jobs, by maximising the value of recovered materials and developing quality products that meet the needs of end markets
  • increase investment in and the purchase of products made from recovered materials by promoting their qualities and performance
  • supporting and driving product stewardship partnerships.

The strategy has a 30-year vision, a 10-year strategic outlook and a five-year action plan.

Projects to realise strategic directions

A number of SV-led projects are being delivered to implement actions outlined in the Strategy. Strategic direction.

Strategic direction SV-led project
1. Research and development Research and development grant program
2. Product specifications Recycled materials in pavement
3. Product procurement Recycled organics market development
4. Product stewardship partnerships

Tyre stewardship


Photovoltaic (PV) systems stewardship

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Victorian Market Development Strategy for Recovered Resources

The strategy was developed to help grow the resource recovery market, which will strengthen our recycling capability, save natural resources and improve our sustainability.

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