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Last updated: 9 September 2020

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The Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRRIP), is our 30-year roadmap to improve Victoria’s waste and recycling infrastructure. The plan aims to create an integrated waste and recycling system that maximises the opportunities to:

  • reprocess and use recycled materials
  • reduce the need for raw materials
  • send less waste to landfill.

To achieve these aims, we work closely with:

  • businesses that collect, sort and reprocess waste and recycling
  • local governments
  • state government agencies and departments including seven regional waste and resource recovery groups.

The plan identifies the following actions:

  • Guidance and programs for local government and industry to increase resource recovery and operate to best practice.
  • Research and provide guidance to the sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respond to climate change.
  • Land use planning for waste and resource recovery infrastructure.
  • Information on proven and emerging technologies.

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Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan frequently asked questions.

Infrastructure gaps and opportunities

Our plan identifies plastics and organics as a key investment opportunity.

Opportunities for all waste materials are outlined in chapter five of the plan (PDF, 5MB | DOCX, 6MB)

There are also implementation plans that outline opportunities in each region:


Investment facilitation

For those looking to invest in the waste and resource recovery sector, we offer a facilitation service that:

  • promotes local opportunities in the sector
  • informs your business case with market intelligence
  • connects you with the Victorian Government and industry.

Contact our facilitators >

Land use planning guidance

Land use planning is important for improving waste and resource recovery infrastructure.

We provide information for local government land use planners and those developing or changing the use of a facility. We also identify waste and resource recovery hubs to guide investment and land use.

Read more about land use planning >

Waste and resource recovery facility guidance

We provide best practice guidance to the waste and resource recovery sector so they can:

  • build and operate facilities that increase recovery and reduce potential impacts on the environment and communities
  • engage with their local communities
  • manage organic waste
  • understand greenhouse gas emissions and opportunities.

Read our guides

Guide to Biological Recovery of Organics

Understanding best practice methods that apply to the recovery and biological processing of organics.

Greenhouse gases from the waste sector and opportunities for reduction

Research and guidance for local government and industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respond to climate change.

Cover of Resource Recovery Technology Guide

Resource Recovery Technology Guide

An overview of resource recovery technologies for readers who have a general understanding of resource recovery and waste processing technologies.

Other resources


We offer funding opportunities to strengthen the waste and resource recovery sector.

View our current grant and funding opportunities >


We’re tracking our progress. We’re currently evaluating the effectiveness of the plan which will inform the Victorian Recycling Infrastructure Plan.

Download progress reports

Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan Progress Report cover

SWRRIP Progress Report July 2016 to June 2018

The report for the second round of evaluation provides information on the period July 2016 to June 2018.


The plan identified three complementary strategies.

Recycling Victoria has reset our priorities over the next ten years. We will continue to update this page as it evolves.

Read our priorities for:

Recycling Victoria

The Victorian Government has announced its circular economy policy, Recycling Victoria.

This policy is a 10-year action plan that aims to:

  • fundamentally transform our recycling sector
  • reduce waste
  • create thousands of jobs
  • set Victoria up for a more sustainable future.

Recycling Victoria requires us to prepare a new plan that will replace the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan. The new plan will be called the Victorian Recycling Infrastructure Plan (VRIP).

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