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Take your e-waste to a better place

E-waste – or electronic waste – is growing three times faster than the rate of standard municipal waste. It contains many potentially hazardous and valuable materials, which don‘t belong in landfill.

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A screen grab from a video featuring comedian Sam Simmons singing with street buskers

Build better bag habits

Comedian Sam Simmons is on a mission to help Victorians remember to take their reusable bags.

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Love food hate waste - don't let great taste go to waste

Love Food Hate Waste

Reduce food waste at home. Offering a range of handy tips, tricks and recipes, the Love Food Hate Waste program helps Victorians save food and money.

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Victorian landmark - The 12 Apostles


Join thousands of Victorians already fighting climate change with TAKE2. Pledge to act now and help keep the temperature rise to under two degrees.

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Zero Net Carbon Homes

A zero net carbon home combines energy efficient building design and fixed appliances, with a solar energy system to help reduce running costs, increase comfort and curb carbon emissions.

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