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ClimateWatch App

Citizen science app helping to plot climate changes

If a bird’s migration, triggered by temperature changes at a certain time of year on the other side of Australia, or the world, how does that affect plants and other animals here?

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Housing estate

Builders invited to build homes of the future

The Victorian Government will partner with land developers and home builders in a pilot program to boost the supply of zero net carbon homes in Melbourne’s growth areas.

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Premier's Sustainability Awards 2018

Enter the Premier’s Sustainability Awards and celebrate more than sustainability

Sustainable Victorians, schools, community groups, councils and companies are encouraged to enter the Premier’s Sustainability Awards and share their success stories.

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Man wheeling recycling bin

As population grows so must our commitment to recycling

Today, on the first Global Recycling Day, the old saying Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is as valid as it was when it was coined decades ago.

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Lily D'Ambrosio tours the Kathmandu factory

Kathmandu the 500th business to pledge to TAKE2

Outdoor adventure retailer, Kathmandu, has become Victoria’s 500th business to pledge to take action on climate change through Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 program.

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solar panels

Community-based energy programs taking hold

The potential of regional areas to generate all the power they need is growing with the cost of renewables coming down as fast as the price of coal-generated electricity rises.

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pile of spray cans for disposal

Tonnes of dangerous chemicals now out of circulation

Buying a new home often comes with a few surprises, as Royce Doherty of St Leonards was recently reminded when he found several large containers of unidentified liquids in his garage.

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Paul Hawken

Renewables focus not the most important says leading environmentalist

The author of Drawdown - the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming argues that many things need to be done, each with specific benefits, but building to a big payoff.

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Staff from South Melbourne Market accept their award

South Melbourne Market's worm poo and on-site composting an award-winning mix

The South Melbourne Market’s work to recycle tonnes of food, vegetable and other waste, and other sustainable practices is cutting business costs and greenhouses gas emissions.

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People collecting rubbish

In The Know - Monthly newsletter

In The Know - Newsletter - Why it's more important than ever that Victorians keep recycling + How to tell if your office needs an energy efficiency upgrade + National Litter Index results for Victoria + MORE

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