Share the love in a sustainable way this Valentine's Day

14 February 2019

Droplets in the shape of a heart on a leaf

The annual celebration of love should leave a lasting mark on the heart of your beloved, but by taking a bit of time to be thoughtful, it doesn’t have to leave a heavy environmental footprint. 

Here are some simple ideas to help make Valentine’s Day 2019 the most memorable yet. If you haven’t arranged a gift for your valentine by now, don’t give in to the pressure to rush out and spend big on a last-minute present that won’t be appreciated. 

The gift of time can be just as special and in many ways longer lasting. 

Buying a gift just for the sake of it, is a waste not only of your money and the item itself, but the resources that went into its manufacture and transportation. Make a more memorable impact that will last beyond the celebration of one day.

This might just mean spending time thinking more deeply about the perfect present that will be treasured. Taking an extra few days to give a present that is more considered and will be remembered more than a rushed job.

Valentine’s Day is a time when hearts run wild but with sustainability at the forefront of mind, you can show your valentine that you love the environment, as much as you treasure them.

Ideas for memorable last-minute Valentine’s Gifts 

  1. Write a letter to your beloved. Love letters are one of the most enduring romantic gestures and taking the time to write down your feelings will surely spark joy. A pen and paper builds more cognitive skills than typing on a keyboard. 
  2. Create a virtual time capsule of your life together now. It takes just minutes to set up an email account, that you can both send special messages to, save photos and memories as your relationship grows. This is a present that you can both continue to add to and is a will last well beyond Valentine’s Day.
  3. Book an experience together. Find an activity that you have both spoken about doing together ‘one day’ or surprise your loved one with a brand new adventurous idea. This is a gift that gives twice, as you give it, and then on the day that you do the experience. It creates long lasting memories, is paperless, doesn’t even have to be wrapped, and can be booked in a flash any time through online gift sites! 
  4. Give flora that will last. Flowers are always appreciated, but consider gifting a pot plant, which will last over time and remind your sweetheart of your love every day. Look for the stylish indoor plants monstera or pothos which both have heart-shaped leaves, to really drive the message home.
  5. Express your affection by cooking or baking. Spending some time in the kitchen to bake a cake or cook a special meal will show your love more than a hectic dash to a shopping centre. Look for great recipes ideas on Love Food Hate Waste.