$3 million Garden Organics Composting Facility opens in Geelong

31 August 2018

Group of people planting a treeOfficially launched today, a $3 million garden organics composting facility will enable the City of Greater Geelong to recover 35,000 tonnes of green organics per year, turning it into compost to be used on council land like parks and ovals, and by local farmers.

On behalf of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria provided a $500,000 grant towards the cost of the Geelong Garden Organics Composting Facility. The work of the facility will see an abatement of 49,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and create at least 10 new jobs.

“We’re delighted to see the organics composting facility opened,” said Sustainability Victoria CEO Stan Krpan. “We’ve been working closely with the City of Geelong to enable greater recovery of its valuable resources.

“Victoria’s population could reach 10 million by 2050, putting pressure to our waste recovery and disposal systems. Taking action now through creating and expanding recycling opportunities will greatly reduce the environmental impact of these resources ending up in landfill, and their economic value being lost,” he said. 

The facility will provide long term benefits in the processing of the Council’s green organics with the potential for expansion to process greater quantities of green organic and/or additional organic material types such as food.

“This project falls under Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan and the Victorian Organics Recovery Strategy, which plans for all viable recovered materials to be extracted from waste streams before reaching landfill. 

“Geelong is one of three large regional organics projects funded by the Victorian Government. It followed Ballarat and Bendigo which all now divert large quantities of organics from waste streams,” Mr Krpan said.

Through such projects, the annual organic processing capacity in regional Victoria has increased by 38,250 tonnes per year. Approximately 74,570 Victorian households now have ongoing kerbside collection services for food and/or garden organics. Now that Geelong is operational, new kerbside organics collection services have resulted in an average abatement of 81,621 tonnes of CO2e per year.

Sustainability Victoria has a guide, Optimising Kerbside Collection Systems, to assist councils to increase recycling, improve the quality of recycled materials and reduce contamination of recyclables to be reprocessed back into new products and, in the case of organics, high quality compost and/or energy and nutrients recovered.  

Media enquiries: Shuk Yin Liew – Shukyin.Liew@sustainability.vic.gov.au, 0437 343 121