Industry experience to leverage Victoria's resource recovery

29 May 2018

Matt GeneverA new director has been appointed to head Sustainability Victoria's Resource Recovery Group.

Matt Genever (right) officially joins SV on 2 July and replaces Jonathan Leake who became Director of the Business and Built Environment program last month.

Sustainability Victoria CEO, Stan Krpan, said Mr Genever had led a terrific career with a focus on market development, strategy and policy development and delivering effective infrastructure to the resource recovery and waste sectors, in business and government.

“With the resource recovery and waste sectors going through a period of transition, our objective is to reinforce the sector as it stands now, and expand it.”

“I am delighted to be working with Matt again, given his industry experience, business acumen, profile and thought leadership in the resource recovery sector. Matt has a particular passion for developing new markets for products and materials that can be hard to recycle.”

"I share his view that Victoria, indeed Australia, has enormous potential to develop new resource recovery capacity for traditional markets like plastic and glass, and new ones like e-waste, food organic and garden organics so we reduce the amount of material that goes to landfill.”

Mr Genever said it was an exciting time to re-join Sustainability Victoria.

“Every industry has been through the same challenges that the recycling sector is experiencing now. It is difficult, but the right investments and improvements should ultimately build resilience and a more sustainable sector.”

“Rather than just throwing away waste left over from industrial, commercial or domestic settings, we need to encourage its re-use so more value is obtained as it moves through the economy.”

“This circular economy is about building strong domestic markets for waste, which will give it a financial value and develop those opportunities.”

Mr Krpan said Mr Genever’s executive experience in government, consulting and product stewardship, his collaborative leadership approach and proven ability to deliver results would help to further build Sustainability Victoria’s stakeholder relationships across industry and government.

“Matt is a recognised leader in the waste and resource recovery sector and led many of SV’s key strategies, waste and recycling programs for six years between 2008 and 2014.”

Mr Genever is currently Managing Director of the strategic environmental consultancy, Reincarnate, and was inaugural Chief Executive Officer of Tyre Stewardship Australia, which operates a national tyre product stewardship scheme to improve the country’s management of waste tyres.

He also worked as Business Leader, Waste and Resource Use at Arcadis Asia Pacific.

Mr Genever has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Geography & Environmental Science and is a member of the Waste Management Association of Australia.

Mr Krpan said there was huge interest in the role from across Australia and, pleasingly, an equal number of male and female candidates.

“It’s very encouraging to have so many applicants for such a senior role.

“It reflects the strength of SV’s brand in the market and the Victorian Government’s record investments to support resource recovery as a key pillar of the state’s sustainability policies and programs.”

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