Tonnes of dangerous chemicals now out of circulation

27 February 2018

pile of spray cans for disposal

Man dropping of chemical at Detox your Home eventBuying a new home often comes with a few surprises, as Royce Doherty of St Leonards was recently reminded when he found several large containers of unidentified liquids in his garage.

Royce was concerned that they may be dangerous and he was relieved that he could dispose of them easily and safely via Sustainability Victoria’s free Detox Your Home collection.

Recent collections at Skye, Geelong, the Latrobe Valley and Warrnambool netted more than 12.8 tonnes of household chemicals.

The collection at Skye yielded 5691kg, while nearly 3700kg of chemicals were collected from Geelong and Morwell netted 1413kg. Closing off February’s collections, 2015 kg was collected at Warrnambool at the weekend.

In 2017 (calendar), more than 69 tonnes of chemicals were handed in at Detox Your Home collections across the state.

Sustainability Victoria CEO Stan Krpan said the Detox Your Home program was an important part of protecting the environment from inappropriate disposal.

“Hanging-on to old and out-of-date chemicals is dangerous for children and pets, packaging can be damaged or fail and create dangers to your property, neighbours and the wider community.”

“People are sitting on an incredible amount of chemicals. Disposing of them via ‘Detox Your Home’ means they’ll be disposed of or recycled in the most appropriate way,” Mr Krpan said.

If you don’t know what to do with old chemicals, batteries, fluorescent tubes, paint and other dangerous goods contact your local council or Sustainability Victoria.

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