From waste to wonderful

09 February 2018

Cooking ingredients


Jessie Alice is a woman on a mission.  

The aspiring cooking show presenter has a small business running cooking demonstrations to show how we can use food that might otherwise be thrown out.   

She is one of the featured food-related presenters at this year’s Sustainable Living Festival running in Melbourne until the end of the month.  

One of Jessie’s top tips is to put your leftover or wilted herbs, vegetables and bok choy stalks or carrot tops in olive oil or vinegar to create a tasty ingredient with a range of uses.

“As one of the visitors to my stall at the Queen Victoria Market said this week (she’s there Thursdays from 12 to 1 – Shed I), in Asia, even the long white threads between a cob of corn and the outer leaves are used to make a tea. You just soak them in warm water and the flavour comes out.”  

"Food Waste needs more people connected to cooking, and connected to imagination. I'm not using ingredients you haven't heard of before, just things you haven't thought of using.”

“Fridges all over Australia are filled with things that you've paid money for, but will be thrown out. I'm going to show you how to use them."  

Find out more about how you can do more with food waste leftovers at Jessie’s website and learn more about how to do more with general leftovers at Sustainability Victoria’s Love Food Hate Waste website.