Stan Krpan returns as head of Sustainability Victoria

04 December 2017

Sustainability Victoria CEO, Stan Krpan

Stan Krpan has now returned to Sustainability Victoria as CEO after spending five months as head of the Victorian Cladding Taskforce.

“I am pleased to be back at Sustainability Victoria and I look forward to re-connecting with my colleagues, stakeholders and the industry as we deliver on our SV2020 strategy”, Mr Krpan said.

“I would like to thank my fellow colleagues Jonathon Leake, Carl Muller and Stephanie Ziersch who did a great job and acted as Interim CEO during my absence,” he added.

Stan Krpan said his experience at the Taskforce had been rewarding as they worked to deliver recommendations to the Government on how to improve compliance and enforcement of building regulations to better protect building occupants.

“It was rewarding to work collaboratively across government authorities, key agencies, including fire engineers and industry professionals, to deliver a thorough, timely and practical approach to this issue,” Mr Krpan said.

Mr Krpan said his time at the Taskforce had given him the chance to reflect on all the good work Sustainability Victoria had been doing in his absence.

“The leadership team did a fantastic job. There have been some learnings along the way which I can take back to my role at Sustainability Victoria. I look forward to leading the organisation once again as we deliver on our clear direction of helping Victorians take action on climate change and use resources wisely,” he said.

In early July, Sustainability Victoria CEO, Stan Krpan, accepted the secondment as Chief Executive Officer of a taskforce to investigate the extent of non-compliant cladding on Victorian buildings.

The Taskforce assessed more than 1400 Victorian buildings, with all of them declared safe to occupy despite 220 buildings not complying with regulations. The Taskforce will continue its work to ensure buildings are rectified.

Stan returned to Sustainability Victoria as CEO on Monday 4 December 2017.