Good Guys Bendigo

The Good Guys has a strong commitment to sustainability, especially product stewardship, offering customers a free third-party collection service for old whitegoods.

The Good Guys is an electrical retail store in Bendigo which has been operating since 2002. It is a bulky goods warehouse style store, selling whitegoods, electronics and home appliances. The Good Guys consist of 98 stores throughout Australia ranging in size from 1,500 to 4,000 square metres.

The Good Guys has a strong commitment to sustainability, especially product stewardship – offering a free third-party collection service for old whitegoods to customers, and a TV and computer monitor take-back service to Bendigo residents. The Bendigo store is also a partner in Sustainability Victoria’s Smarter Choices program with 24 store staff being trained over last 12 months to provide expert advice to help customers choose energy and water efficient appliances.


The Good Guys was successful in receiving a Smarter Resources, Smarter Business capital funding grant in 2013 to install dual stage controllers and auto time schedule controls on air conditioning units, upgrade lighting including replacing metal halide high-bay lights with induction lamps and Dichroic lights with LEDs, and implement an energy management system.

Since installation of all equipment and system changes nine months ago, the store has reduced energy usage by 30%, representing a saving for the period of $15,000.

'Being a large footprint store of about 2400 square metres, it was vital that we reduce our carbon footprint whilst also saving on power costs. With new energy efficient lighting, the store is much brighter and the unsightly lighting is now gone. The automatic lighting control has made saving energy easy.

'Bendigo is renowned for high, dry temperatures in Summer and very cold days in Winter and the new energy controllers for the air conditioning system means we can control the system more efficiently.'

I would encourage other businesses to think about energy efficiency to enable them to reduce power costs.

Danny Clapp – Proprietor, Good Guys Bendigo

Future plans

Good Guys Bendigo will continue its focus on reducing carbon footprint, reducing waste with the aim of becoming zero waste and taking responsibility for old whitegoods and TVs.

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