Plastics and chemicals case studies

Polymer, rubber and chemical manufacturers can potentially save up to $500,000 per year by reducing process wastage and better managing their wastes.

Machinery in the A. Schuman Plastics (formerly Compco) factory

A. Schulman Plastics

Specialist plastics manufacturer A. Schulman (formerly Compco) undertook a materials assessment to quantify volumes and costs of raw material, additives and wastes across operations, to identify opportunities for efficiency gains and cost savings.

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Worker with a polyethylene water tank mould

Global Roto-moulding

Global Roto-moulding instigated small but significant continuous improvement projects to address material waste from product defects, and mobilised staff with advanced training, including the 5S workplace organisation method.

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Close-up of an electronic circuit board

Hybrid Electronics

Hybrid Electronics use very high value materials such as gold, titanium and specialty inks so, to improve their overall performance and profitability it's essential to use resources efficiently.

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Worker watching a machine extruding rubber seals

Mackay Industries

Specialist rubber and bonded metal/rubber composite products manufacturer, Mackay Industries, embraced LEAN thinking and looked for ways to further improve the efficiency of their processes.

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The Welvic Australia manufacturing plant at Deer Park

Welvic Australia

Welvic Australia, producer and supplier of vinyl-based and PVC compounds, undertook a resource assessment and process and capital improvements to increase materials and energy efficiencies, and reduce costs.

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