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Pental Limited manufactures and distributes personal care and home care products, with manufacturing based in Shepparton. Proudly Australian owned and trusted by families for generations, Pental is behind iconic brands including White King, Janola, Sunlight, Softly, Country Life, Velvet, Little Lucifer and Jiffy. Distributing mostly through supermarket channels, the business operates in a competitive market and is always seeking efficiencies and opportunities to find savings within the business. Pental is also currently pursuing opportunities to sell into the China and Vietnam markets, providing further reason to keep its cost of goods as low as possible.


Pental was awarded a $50,000 Gas Efficiency Grant under the Boosting Business Productivity program. The grant contributes to purchasing a new, more energy efficient boiler to supply steam and hot water used in manufacturing.


Operations staff have observed that the existing boiler, installed more than 30 years ago, was oversized for the current business requirements. Boilers operate most efficiently when they are fired at full capacity, rather than a partial loading. Initial engineering calculations estimated that upgrading and replacing the boiler with a smaller, more efficient model, would easily reduce gas usage by at least 20%. A replacement boiler was estimated to cost in the order of $450,000.

This initiative builds on other measures that the business has taken to reduce energy costs, including process optimisation, an improved maintenance program and more effective metering and monitoring of energy use.


As an SME business, Pental was able to begin the application process for grant funding before deciding on all the project specifications. Pental’s engineering team developed a business case and technical specifications to confidently invest in a replacement boiler. After finalising the project specifications, the total project cost was reduced to $370,000. With the grant funding contribution, Pental is now able to proceed with the investment.

Four, 500kW boilers will replace the 4MW boiler. The new boilers are sized more appropriately to demand, meaning they can be operated in a more efficient firing mode and meet the required steam load as required. Anticipated gas savings are 2000–3000GJ per annum, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 162 tonnes CO2-e.

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