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Catalent, Inc. (Catalent Pharma Solutions) is a global provider of drug delivery technology and development solutions for drugs, biologics and consumer health products. Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Catalent operates 33 locations across five continents, producing more than 70 billion doses annually for nearly 7,000 customer products. Locally, Catalent Australia employs 270 people at its Braeside facility, in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

Catalent is committed to improving the sustainability of its operations and using resources wisely. Efforts to reduce electricity use and carbon production include an LED lighting retrofit across the Braeside site, which saved more than 660,000kWh per year. The design and installation of a water reclaim system has reduced their use of mains water for the cooling towers by more than 4.5 million litres of water per year saving over 46 million litres of mains water to date.


Catalent is participating in Sustainability Victoria’s Boosting Business Productivity (BBP) program and has accessed grants for the following projects:

  • Awarded a $50,000 Gas Efficiency Grant. The grant contributes to a capital upgrade project that will reduce gas used to control the humidity of the production rooms.
  • Awarded a $15,289 Energy Assessment Grant. The grant contributes to the cost of a Type II energy audit to identify potential energy efficiency improvements, review pricing tariffs, and suitable renewable energy options.

The BBP program also offers grants to support Materials Efficiency projects.


Performance at the Braeside facility is benchmarked against other facilities internationally and yearly goals are set to improve operational efficiency. In 2017, site leaders focused on reducing gas consumption by at least 5%. In order to work toward this goal, site managers attended a Gas Efficiency Masterclass, hosted by Sustainability Victoria in October 2017. With newly gained knowledge and greater insight into gas efficiency opportunities they instigated a more frequent maintenance program to check and repair losses from the steam system, in particular steam condensate traps and pumps. Site managers were also keen to gain a more comprehensive understanding of capital investment priorities that would lead to more significant reductions in energy use and cost.


Catalent has used the Gas Efficiency Grant to replace four desiccant rotors and upgrade two of the dehumidification units to reuse expelled heat from the unit’s regeneration cycle to preheat incoming air and so reduce the units thermal load. The project is estimated to save 6,970GJ per annum.

The Energy Assessment project is in-progress and the types of savings likely to be recommended include improvements to the sites main energy user which is the air conditioning system. The type of projects likely to be highlighted will be installing variable speed drives on their main air handler fans, and hot water and chilled water pumps. Initial analysis indicates savings upwards of $100,000 a year by doing this in conjunction with optimising the sites refrigeration plant, hot water boilers and air compressors.

Waste Reduction

Materials efficiency looks for better ways to reduce or avoid waste. One of the high value waste products from making pharmaceutical capsules is gelatine and site managers are keen to explore opportunities to improve materials efficiency by reducing the use of this material in their process. They see this as the next big resource reduction opportunity, especially after seeing the benefits of the reduction of utility usage within their business.

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