Farm Pride

Farm Pride is a medium-sized business and one of Australia's largest egg product manufacturers, located in Keysborough, Melbourne. Farm Pride has been in business for 70 years and produces, grades, packs, processes, supplies and markets shell eggs and processed egg products nationally and exports to Asia.

Farm Pride has implemented cleaner production processes for many years, and is now looking at materials efficiency to improve productivity and save money.


Sustainability Victoria funded 75% of the cost of a materials assessment of Farm Pride's egg processing plant.

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The 2013 assessment gathered and analysed all relevant reports, site layout drawings, resource use and production data, maintenance and service history records, materials and utility bills and interviewed staff. On-site all-egg production and processing areas were examined to identify where process wastage was occurring (both during production and downtime). The assessment also looked at all refrigeration and storage areas, examined current waste management practices, and cleaning processes. More advanced large scale measures such as co-generation, anaerobic waste digestion and waste to energy projects were also examined. While not part of the Smarter Resources Smarter Business program, the assessors also looked at water usage and opportunities for savings.

Farm Pride was successful in gaining $25,000 in Capital Funding through the Smarter Resources Smarter Business program for the installation of a best practice smart metering system to better manage energy, materials and water use.

We found the resource assessment program to be a very detailed and systematic approach. It will give us the ability to measure and reduce cost in areas that we had not looked at yet. Given that savings were in the order of ten times the initial assessment cost, we would encourage other manufacturers to consider resource efficiency because reducing cost in the current climate is very important in manufacturing and any help in expertise or dollars will be of great long term benefit.

Gerry Vullings – Operations Manager, Farm Pride

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