Burra Foods

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Located in the heart of South Gippsland at Korumburra, Burra Foods is a dairy ingredient processor manufacturing products such as infant formula base powders, milk concentrates, specialty milk powders and fresh dairy ingredients. Operating for over 20 years the business has over 200 employees and exports product globally.


Having completed a straightforward application Burra Foods was awarded an Energy Efficiency Grant as participants of Sustainability Victoria’s Boosting Business Productivity (BBP) program. The grant contributes to the cost of a detailed energy audit to identify energy efficiency improvements, suitable renewable energy options and review pricing tariffs.


As a food manufacturer competing in a global market place, rising energy prices continue to put strain on the business. With plans to introduce a new canning line and warehouse to their facility they hope to do so without raising energy use and further cost pressures. As a solution, the business looked to renewable energy options but understood that a practical first step would be to investigate energy efficiency opportunities.

Like many businesses trying to reduce costs, the business was unsure of the best opportunities to pursue, the risks or realistic savings that could be expected.

The Boosting Business Productivity program supported Burra Foods to access expert advice and gain the confidence they needed to start investing in the best energy saving opportunities for their business.

The assessment process opened our eyes to a range of opportunities we previously didn’t have the time or in-house energy expertise to quantify. We couldn’t believe the amount of savings possible by adjusting billing charges and making control adjustments across our process. Management was extremely happy with the results and we can now move forward with a clear action plan to reduce costs and our environmental footprint.

Stewart Carson, General Manager of Manufacturing and Supply Chain


An experienced industrial energy auditor worked with the business to identify the best range of projects and potential future investment to suit the business’s needs, with a detailed analysis of energy and cost savings, outlining capital expenditure where applicable and associated pay back periods.

As a result of the energy audit the business has implemented $100,000 and 260 tonne CO2 per annum, of savings per year through low-cost actions including better management of peak demand and adjusting boiler sequencing to maintain optimum heat with minimal loss. With these improvements and simple maintenance items such as repairing compressed air leaks the business can achieve immediate savings in the short term while setting plans to implement further opportunities over the next year and beyond.

The further range of energy efficiency and process improvement opportunities identified annual savings over $830,000 and 4294 tonne of CO2-e, outside of renewable energy options. Opportunities included a range of low cost, high return changes to existing process control settings to achieve the right temperature and humidity to get the best product, but avoid unnecessary energy loss and maintenance costs.

Straightforward changes implemented within three months of the assessment means the business will save over five times the cost of the consultation in the first year. With budgets and scope of works to further improve energy efficiency, the assessment has given staff and management the energy knowledge they need to set a plan and make informed choices into the future.

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