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Ryan & McNulty were aware of resource inefficiencies in their operations and chose to explore more efficient methods of production and managing their materials.

Ryan & McNulty, established in 1952, is a saw miller located in Benalla, North East Victoria.

Ryan & McNulty want to become more environmentally sustainable and improve resource efficiency and increase productivity. They are aware of resource inefficiencies in their operations and want to explore more efficient methods of production and managing their materials.


Sustainability Victoria provided funding for 75% of the costs of a materials assessment of the saw mill. The assessment examined materials flows throughout the mill to identify areas where the materials can be more efficiently managed to increase output and the value of the sawn timber.

As the use of energy is so integral to the processes, many of the recommendations for materials efficiency involve energy measures. Five recommendations were made for actions such as improved boilers, replacement of heat exchangers, the expansion of kilns for greater capacity, controlling humidity levels, improving air flows, and increased hot water pipe lagging. These actions will not only result in materials efficiencies through more sawn timber from the raw timber and less wastage but also result in higher grade timber, i.e. higher value materials. All recommendations will result in energy savings as well.

The measures will result in 40% less timber wastage, 42% improved value of sawn timber and 10% in annual energy savings.

'After having completed a materials assessment in our mill we are now more capable of producing higher graded timbers and volumes from our materials. The assessment provided us with valuable information about reducing our waste and how to obtain higher grade timber. It showed environmental conditions played a larger part in timber degrade which we were unaware of.

'The implementation of the recommendations will allow us to increase turnover from more volumes available for sale and increase profits from higher grade timber being generated.

'The short term affects from the study have alleviated the bottle neck in the production process and increased the output through the kilns. The long term affects of the study will create job security and further investment. It will allow us to sustain the competitive growth that has been planned for the company and give confidence to our customers that a consistent quality and quantity will be available.'

I would encourage any business to undergo a resource assessment, as it not only evaluates your strengths and weaknesses but gives you opportunity to improve on these. The contractor engaged by Ryan & McNulty was well-researched and had a proven record in the timber industry.

Guy Mounsey – Sales Manager, Ryan & McNulty

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