Jack Noonan - Manager, Climate Change Coordination

Mythbusting and Making an Impact

Jack Noonan - Manager, Climate Change CoordinationI was nervous about leaving the private sector and moving into a government organisation.

I was always told that in government the pace would be slow, that decision making would be frustrating, people would lack passion, and that structures would be hierarchical and confusing.

Despite this preconception, I had always wanted to work within the environment portfolio of government. SV was an obvious choice.

And it was the perfect time to work in the sustainability space in Victoria. Strong ambition regarding climate change action, sustainable procurement, and renewable energy. The opportunity to influence programs and policy. The opportunity to work directly with stakeholders to make help them be more sustainable.

The chance to have an impact far outweighed any of the risks I saw in moving to government.

While my experience lived up to my expectations regarding impact and influence, all of my preconceived ideas of how it would be working in government could not have been more wrong.

I was given the unique opportunity to help build a climate change program and then deliver it. The program, TAKE2, was (and is) world leading. It was developed by bringing together talent from across the organisation to work collaboratively and support a government priority.

Never before had I worked with people so passionate about their work. Never before had I worked using agile work methods where there was a focus on teamwork and accountability. Never before had I been presented with such significant and defining opportunities to learn, grow, and progress within an organisation and within my career.

I started at SV as a somewhat arrogant industry professional. I left SV as a leader who was more well-rounded, who understood empathy, diversity, and authenticity in leading teams, and who understood that we actually have a real chance to drive change and influence others.

I have never been as supported and encouraged as what I have been during my time at SV.