Amanda Neilson – Manager, Resource Recovery Infrastructure

Returning to SV

Amanda Neilson - Manager, Resource Recovery Infrastructure

What’s the most common thing after a friendly ‘welcome to SV’? It’s a wry ‘welcome back’.

In another time, and for a very different SV, I worked as a Project Manager Resource Recovery from 2007–2009, I loved the passion everyone shared for a more sustainable future and the variety of programs and projects I was grateful to work on to build Victoria's resource recovery sector. The time I spent working at SV nearly 10 years ago opened a world of opportunities for my career, including sustainability roles in other sectors. After a few years in my initial role, I left to explore sustainability in the local government and tertiary education sectors, broadening my experience and knowledge.

Once an SVer, always an SVer. While expanding my experience and knowledge, I kept in contact with many of my colleagues as an alumnus, always tapping into fellow SVers' extraordinary knowledge and intelligence, while influencing sustainability action in a different role.

I was and am always proud to be associated with SV, who’s reputation out in the wide world of waste and resource recovery is that SV is highly respected for the work we do. It was never a hard decision to return to SV in 2016, to take up a leadership role in resource recovery infrastructure.

Because SV is an innovative and forward-thinking organisation, I find there is a lot of flexibility and support to grow and achieve in a leadership position. The expectations are high, of course. The Resource Recovery Infrastructure team is charged with delivering state-wide outcomes. I am fortunate to have a passionate team of people with a ‘can do’ attitude and have found that SV still employs people with an amazing breadth of knowledge and intelligence who come from all different backgrounds, which makes what we do even more exciting.

SV has come a long way since I first joined. It’s always changing and adapting to the needs of the moment, whether it’s a change in government, an industry crisis, a policy or regulatory change or a change to stakeholder needs. It’s a different place now, compared to the one I left in 2009.

I am excited that we now have a statewide waste and resource recovery plan that provides direction and structure around how we’ll all influence the sustainable use of resources across Victoria. It’s been fantastic to watch SV expand back into the climate change space and achieve outcomes that are not only Australian first but world first in the development of the SWIRRP and TAKE2.

Working at SV is more than just a job, it’s a way of life. I get to express my passion for the environment and sustainability in a field that I love, they say once a Wastie always a Wastie! I get to work in a 5 Star office with like-minded , inspiring people every day, mix with other government agencies, industries and the community who do brilliant things for the same reasons – we all care about making a difference in the work we do. You never know I may eventually go on to other things again, but I find comfort in the fact that SV will always be doing great things and the connection with this organisation will remain.