Diversity and inclusion

SV prides itself on being an inclusive and welcoming workplace where diversity is valued.

SV staff talking and laughing

We encourage all employees to share our experiences within the workplace. Diversity in the workplace helps us to understand the diverse community we serve and spark creative and innovative new ideas, forged from merging perspectives.

In 2017 at SV:

  • 60% female employees with women comprising 65% of our leadership roles
  • 4% identify as having a disability
  • 21% identify as being born outside Australia
  • 8% identify as members of the LGTBI community
  • 20% of staff are on flexible working arrangements (and more enjoying informal flexibility when needed)

SV Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2017–19

We now set our sights even higher. The Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2017–19 actively manages this through five strategies.

  1. Promote diversity of thought
  2. Provide inclusive leadership
  3. Entrench flexible work practices
  4. Remove barriers to diversity and inclusion
  5. Engage with our stakeholders and the community in a way that respects their diversity

Diversity plan Publications

Cover - SV Diversity Inclusion Plan 2017 19

Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Our Diversity and Inclusion Plan helps build SV’s capability and culture, facilitating delivery of our strategic plan.