SV staff member reading text on a computer screen

SV is a great place to work, where people skilled in science, education, law, economics and behaviour change work together to solve the sustainability issues of our state.

We consciously build our culture, aiming for a workplace that is achievement oriented and encouraging. SV is committed to providing an environment where all our staff feel they can proudly bring their full and authentic self to work and have their talents recognised.

SVers have named seven core behaviours that build the culture we want to work in.

  1. I am honest and professional in my interactions
  2. I challenge the status quo to improve our culture and outcomes
  3. I am accountable and do what I say I will do
  4. I listen to people’s ideas and am constructive, respectful and inclusive
  5. I can articulate SV’s offer and narrative proudly and confidently
  6. I contribute to the success of the organisation wherever I am needed
  7. I seek to reflect stakeholder needs in the services I deliver

SV champions the values of the Victorian Public Service and demonstrate responsiveness, respect, integrity, human rights, leadership, impartiality and accountability in the work that we do.