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Cover - Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report 2015-16

VLGAWSR 2015-16 - Recycling collection service results

Recycling collection service results from the Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report 2015-16.

Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Report Workbook menu

Victorian Local Government Waste Services Report Workbook 2015-16

The Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Workbook provides access to the data contained in the final report. It includes the tonnages, costs, trends and diversion rates for councils' waste and recycling services.

Cover - Better practice resource recovery centres

Better practice guide

Better practice at Resource Recovery Centres can provide owners, operators and other stakeholders with many benefits.

Close-up of fruit and vegetable waste

Changing behaviours to improve the rollout of a new kerbside organics collection service

The City of Wodonga and Indigo Shire Council introduced a third kerbside bin to allow residents to collect food and garden organic waste for recycling.

Logo for Sustainability Victoria with the word, guide

Better practice supplementary workbook

This workbook helps resource recovery centres document and assess their performance against the better practice guidance in the Guide to better practice at resource recovery centres.

Logo for Sustainability Victoria with the word, guide

Sand sampling for microplastics

Information for volunteers and scientists taking part in a project to better understand the sources and impacts of microplastics in Port Phillip Bay and its catchment.

Guide to Best Practice for Waste Management in Multi-unit Developments

Guide to best practice for waste management in multi-unit developments

This guide outlines things to consider when designing a waste management system for medium- or high-density residential, mixed-use and integrated housing developments.

Optimising Kerbside Collection Systems - A framework for greater consistency in kerbside recycling

A guide for greater consistency in kerbside recycling in Victoria, preferred service standards for consideration by councils and provides recycling guidelines to help reduce householder confusion in recycling.

Optimising Kerbside Collection - Supporting evidence and analysis

This report provides the key supporting evidence and analysis to validate the benefits described in Sustainability Victoria’s Optimising Kerbside Collection System – A Framework for Greater Consistency in Kerbside Recycling in Victoria.

Cover - Refrigerator retrofit trial February 2017

Refrigerator Retrofit Trial

In this trial, old refrigerators were replaced by a high efficiency model, achieving significant energy savings.