How to make your Christmas party more sustainable

08 December 2017

People sitting at Christmas Dinner table

Even the biggest Christmas Party can have a small environmental footprint by employing simple tips and tricks for low-waste Christmas parties and gatherings of families and friends.

Sustainability Victoria Chief Executive, Stan Krpan, said it’s a good time to consider ways to make entertaining easier and eco-friendly, because small actions can make a big difference, especially if you entertain often.”

“Reducing single-use plastic, recycling and proper food planning could make your party more environmentally friendly and save money.

“Instead of using disposable plates, cups and cutlery simple steps like using reusable crockery and cutlery at parties and putting out separate bins for recycling, general waste and food waste make an impact.”

“Compostable and degradable utensils and plates are also available and increasingly employees are looking for responsible sustainable behaviour from their companies.”

“Planning menus can prevent over-catering, but if you do have unexpected leftovers, our Love Food, Hate Waste program has plenty of great recipes and ideas to help use them up.”

Mr Krpan said Sustainability Victoria research shows that every year Victorian households throw out 250,000 tonnes of food, worth around $2,200.

“Each week, about a quarter of the contents of our garbage bins are food waste. That can be avoided,” Mr Krpan said.

Six top tips for eco-friendly entertaining:

  1. Make recycling easy by putting out separate bins for recycling, general waste and food scraps. Find out how to be a recycling champion
  2. Choose reusable crockery and cutlery whenever possible
  3. Plan your menu to avoid over-catering
  4. Store food safely to avoid waste
  5. Find exciting ways to use any leftovers
  6. If there is any leftover food that can’t be used, put it in your compost bin or worm farm