E-waste Infrastructure Support Program

The Victorian Government is investing $16.5 million to upgrade e-waste collection and storage facilities across the state and to deliver an education campaign. This work is to support the upcoming ban on e-waste in landfills in mid-2019.

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‘E-waste’ describes electrical or electronic equipment with a power cord or battery and its parts that have been discarded by the owner as waste without the intention of re-use. It contains both hazardous materials, which can harm the environment and human health, and valuable materials, which are scarce and worth recovering.

$15 million e-waste Infrastructure Grants

Applications are now closed for the $15 million e-waste Infrastructure Grants.

Local government and state government entities with sites listed in the Victorian E-waste Collection Network (VECN) were invited to submit proposal for grants of up to $100,000 to complete infrastructure upgrades.

The grants will establish one of the best e-waste collection networks in Australia and will:

  • support infrastructure upgrades to provide reasonable access for 98 per cent of Victorians across metropolitan and regional areas 
  • upgrade more than 130 e-waste collection sites
  • increase local government’s capacity and capability to safely collect and store the increasing volumes of e-waste in Victoria.

For further information please contact SV’s Program Lead stephanie.grey@sustainability.vic.gov.au 

$1.5 million Education and Awareness Campaign

The education and awareness campaign aims to foster new behaviours in managing e-waste in Victoria. It has an emphasis on building knowledge about what e-waste is, as well as providing clear information about where unwanted electronic and electrical goods can be taken.

For more information,vist the e-waste website.

Victorian Government e-waste landfill ban progress and next steps

Key milestone Anticipated timeframe Completed
Public consultation on the preferred e-waste policy package September 2017–January 2018
E-waste Infrastructure Support Program (grants and campaign) announced 26 April 2018
$1.5 million awareness campaign commences Mid-2018
$15 million E-waste Infrastructure Grants close 3pm, Friday 14 September 2018
E-waste Infrastructure building commences
from October 2018
Regulatory components take effect 1 July 2019

Want to know more? Get in touch with:

Grants Support Representative

Sustainability Victoria

1300 363 744