Case studies

Victorian businesses can save tens of thousands of dollars a year by reducing their energy or materials use with support from Sustainability Victoria's programs.

Low-angle view of ears of wheat in a wheat field


Changes to production process, climate control systems and pumps are some ways agricultural business and primary producers are saving energy and materials.

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Close-up of a collection of wine bottles

Beverages and alcohol

Businesses can reduce material costs and energy use by installing more efficient equipment and systems.

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Low-angle shot of a builder working on a wooden house frame

Building and construction

Learn how businesses are demonstrating sustainable building practice by designing without waste and achieving outstanding results.

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A display of fresh fruit and vegetables at a market

Food processing and storage

Businesses can reduce annual energy costs through lighting and equipment upgrades, and by installing systems controls, new compressors and VSDs.

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A man pushing a wheelbarrow of rubble through a house renovation site

Home renovation

With a little thought and preparation a sustainable approach to building your dream home or renovating your existing home is entirely possible.

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Close-up of a barista making two coffees

Hospitality and services

Opportunities exist to reduce energy use and save money through lighting and HVAC upgrades, and installing new appliances, refrigeration equipment and boilers.

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A roll of steel and heavy machinery in a factory


Manufacturers can reduce their annual operating costs by up to $100,000 by reducing process waste and installing more energy efficient machinery and lighting.

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Close-up of rows of green plastic containers being manufactured

Plastics and chemicals

Polymer, rubber and chemical manufacturers can potentially save up to $500,000 per year by reducing process wastage and better managing their wastes.

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A couple of shoppers looking at a flat-screen television


Retailers are reducing energy use by up to 30 per cent by upgrading lighting, refrigeration, hot-water systems, HVAC and better management of energy use.

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