SustainAbility Stars

EW Tipping Foundation

The SustainAbility Stars program motivates residents and staff to make sustainable household changes.

EW Tipping staff and residents undertake waste audits
EW Tipping staff and residents undertake waste audits as part of the Sustainability Stars program.

As a provider of support services to over 1,000 people, the EW Tipping Foundation recognised that group homes were consuming far more water and energy than other Victorian households. The SustainAbility Stars program, developed by the not-for-profit community organisation, helps staff and people with disability living in group homes to implement environmentally sustainable household practices.

The Foundation conducted a 'Green House Pilot Program' in three homes over a 12-month period with the assistance of an $80,000 grant allocated through the Sustainability Fund's third round of funding in 2008. The Foundation used the findings from the pilot to develop the SustainAbility Stars program to engage staff and residents.

The Sustainability Stars program requires households to choose and implement four simple actions from a list of ten items in each key area of water, waste, energy, transport and community involvement. A star is awarded for each completed action and if energy and water consumption is reduced over a 12-month period. Supported by the SustainAbility kit and regular newsletters, the program is fun and engaging and designed to be accessible to both residents and staff.

The Sustainability Stars pilot program was a huge success delivering energy and water savings in the pilot households and enjoying support from both residents and staff.

The EW Tipping Foundation has received an additional Sustainability Fund grant of $150,000 to extend the program's outcomes and implement the SustainAbility Stars program in all Foundation group homes over a two year period.

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