Ruyton Girls’ School stop the drop

ResourceSmart Water Seconday School of the Year 2013 RuytonRuyton Girls’ School took a whole school approach to water sustainability at school.

The school involved its Art Society and Student Sustainability Committee in a project to make a huge ‘Stop the Drop’ sign.

The sign was made out of recycled blue cut-outs from old magazines, aiming to increase awareness and engagement of water usage. 

Using water tanks to water the garden and flush toilets, Ruyton Girls’ School were able to reduce and maintain its water usage. 

“Even though the poster took a while. It was fun to make, everyone loved it, and it is really effective when you see it walking into school every morning.” - Student


The school’s main challenge was motivating students, increasing awareness of the importance of being water smart to the whole school. The school increased education by promoting the importance of water at assembley and showing the whole school community that “every drop counts”. 


Students and teachers took positive action to reduce water usage: 

  • the school identified and fixed a large water leak after its SETS data indicated a large increase in water usage
  • students made ‘half-flush’ signs featuring the school’s sustainability mascot ‘Panda’ and placed them on all toilets to raise awareness throughout the whole school
  • students made an innovative video to show the school community how they can save water. This was shown at assembly on World Water Day.