Water wise students and teachers win award

ResourceSmart Water Primary School of the Year 2013 Nunawading Christian CollegeNunawading Christian College achieved outstanding results in water.  

The school reduced its annual main water usage to 1.94kilolitres (KL) per student. This was supported by the installation of new storage tanks which increased the school’s collected water capacity by 500,000.

The school community rallied together and constructed a rain garden to re-direct rain from the roof of a classroom to water a garden of native plants.

“When I first saw the big hole for the underground water tanks I got really excited because I thought we were getting a huge swimming pool. Even though it wasn't for a pool, it's still really good that our school wants to help the environment by saving water.” – Student 


During construction of the rain garden the school uncovered extremely hard ground making excavation difficult. Enlisting support from parents, the school managed to complete the remainder of the project with relative ease. 


Students and teachers took action to protect their local environment and be more water wise: 

  • students regularly visited a local creek to remove any rubbish to ensure that the water flowing into Blackburn Lake was litter-free
  • students also collected excess water from drinking bubblers and taps for reuse on the children’s vegetable gardens
  • installation of the new water tank was carefully designed and placed several metres below ground. The water is now used to irrigate the junior and senior sports ovals.

ResourceSmart Water Primary School of the Year 2013 sponsored by:

Department of Environment and Primary Industries