Waste a top priority for Western Port students

ResourceSmart Waste and Student Action Secondary School of the Year 2013 Western Port SC
Western Port Secondary College took a whole-school approach to sustainability, engaging teachers, students and the broader community in its waste program. 
The College reduced its waste to landfill by 15 per cent over a period of 5 months. The school increased the number of wheelie bins used for soft plastic recycling from 5 to 12 a week.

Students also made recommendations to the local council for bins to be installed on High Street in Hastings, which was successfully actioned. 


The College’s biggest challenge was ensuring that recycled paper program was effectively implemented, as there was some a lack of support by staff and students. To combat this challenge, students spoke at a staff morning briefing, attended year group assemblies to explain the process, spoke to the whole school at assembly and organised a weekly announcement as a reminder.


Some of the key actions in waste were: 

  • environment students encouraged students to recycle plastic and reuse paper by organising Litter Lottery Week
  • students organised signage and bins in offices, the canteen, home economics classrooms and staffrooms to support the increased number of wheelie bins 
  • after gathering feedback from classes, students recommended installing pedal bins to replace older bins in the school yard. 

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