Top waste award for whole-school effort

ResourceSmart Waste Primary School of the Year Epping ViewsEpping Views Primary school continues to build on its waste initiatives each year. 

The school reduced both landfill and paper waste per student by 61 per cent despite more than 100 new families joining the school in 2013.
The waste action team consisting of 192 students, with two student leaders and two junior leaders met regularly to discuss goals and targets. Their aim was to educate the whole school community, including parents, staff and students, about waste. 


The main challenge faced by Epping Views Primary School was maintaining successful waste programs from previous years, and making them into long-term programs, not just fads. With 40% of families at the school new to the community, the Principal tells all new families about the nude food expectations and typified their recycling habits by creating an engaging song: “I know you’ll recycle when you walk in” by “Taylor Swift…ly Cleans Up”. 


Students and teachers at Epping Views Primary School followed the mantra “you name it, we'll recycle it” and some of their key actions are outlined below:  

  • two Year 4 students wrote and sent persuasive texts to a newly opened McDonalds store highlighting the importance of sorting rubbish, with names and signatures from the school community
  • students helped change attitudes and understanding of sustainability in the local community. Working with the local Woolworths, they made posters to raise awareness about the effects of e-waste on the environment and provided tips to the community for properly disposing of it 
  • implemented several campaigns including: YouCan Mobile Phone Recycling, reducing electronic waste and the In Your Shoes project with Melbourne University.

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