Western Port students drive behavioural change

ResourceSmart Waste and Student Action Secondary School of the Year 2013 Western Port SCThe Western Port Environment Team from Western Port Secondary College was the driving force behind behavioural change at school and in the broader community. 

Students made successful recommendations to Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to install four bins on High Street, Hastings and also participated in a lunch-time clean-up of the area. 


The biggest challenge that Western Port Environment Team faced was ensuring the success of its recycling paper initiative. After implementing paper recycling boxes in each room and office, students noticed many staff members were not following the program. To overcome this challenge, students spoke at a staff meeting to raise awareness and increase understanding of the initiative.


Key actions taken by the Western Port Environment Team were: 

  • challenged peer and community attitudes and habits towards sustainability by raising awareness in both the school and broader community
  • conducted a litter audit and created a recommendations report for the Zero Waste Education Office at the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. As a result, bins were installed on High Street, Hastings by the Council in August 2013
  • organised a lunch time clean-up of High Street, Hastings. Students were joined by local Councillor David Garnock and Mornington Peninsula Shire Educator, Samantha Ackland
  • conducted a “Litter Lottery Week” where random rewards were handed out to bin users.

ResourceSmart Student Action Team of the Year 2013 sponsored by:

Catholic Education Office