St Macartan’s students are mad about sustainability

St Marcartans Community Leadership PS winnersSt Macartan’s Primary School has a student action team with 39 members across all year levels called the Make A Difference Warriors (Mad Warriors).  

The team is broken up into four groups: biodiversity, energy, waste and water. Each group has different responsibilities and are in charge of that part of sustainability.

The Mad Warriors show leadership by regularly reporting to the school community at assemblies and on the website. They give school tours to visitors and help educate other schools through student-led workshops and presentations. 


The Biodiversity Team of the Mad Warriors faced an unusual challenge. The students were in charge of looking after the critically endangered Lord Howe Island Stick Insects and collating data for Melbourne Zoo. Caring for new hatchlings, the students were responsible for all aspects of the project, and exhibited true leadership skills in caring for the creatures. 


On a day to day basis, the Mad Warriors have a variety of tasks including monitoring water usage, conducting audits of classroom temperatures, organising rubbish free lunch challenges and collecting information about plants and animal species on the school grounds. 

A few notable actions in 2013 were: 

  • a Pedal Powered Cinema event and a no power hour where all electrical items including electronic white boards, computers and lighting were switched off 
  • the team conducted random bin audits to ensure correct waste separation and monitored waste disposal at the school’s transfer station
  • being in charge of water conservation at school, measuring the amount of water in tanks and testing water quality by measuring pH and nitrate levels. 

ResourceSmart Student Action Team of the Year 2013 sponsored by:

Catholic Education Office