Whole school commitment to sustainable transport

ResourceSmart Energy Primary School of the Year 2013 Laurimar PSLaurimar Primary School showed excellent leadership to implement a whole-school initiative that encouraged students to use sustainable transport.

On nominated ride and walk to school days, over 80 percent of the school population used sustainable transport, which equated to 800 out of 970 students. As a result, traffic congestion was reduced significantly in the local area. 

"Ride to school day is a sustainable and safe way to get to school, all the kids love it. Students get to meet up with their friends and have fun riding, it is also a good way to learn bike safety and road rules. All students get to be involved and we have about 800 kids riding to school. We have two bike sheds which all students use." School Captains 

"As a parent I am very impressed at the lengths Laurimar Primary School go to make our our environment more sustainable. I am very proud that my children are learning how to care for the environment and that sustainability is incorporated into their quality education because of the ride to school days." Parent


The major challenge that Laurimar Primary School faced was promoting and implementing sustainable transport solutions for all students. 

To combat this challenge, the school community addressed issues including weather, cars and traffic, poor bike maintenance and lack of bike education to ensure student safety was paramount. These issues were addressed in the school’s travel plan and communicated to the community. 


Laurimar Primary School took a whole school approach to ensure the successful implementation of its sustainable transport program, they: 

  • developed a 14-page school travel plan outlining all aspects of the sustainable transport initiative
  • worked with Bicycle Network and City of Whittlesea to create five safe routes to school that were marked on the pavement around the local community
  • ran a bike education class for students to help increase knowledge of bike safety
  • allocated a bike shed to safely store student’s bikes, and implemented a bike maintenance shed where students learned how to fix and maintain their bikes.