Pedal powered cinema a great success for school

St Marcartans Community Leadership PS winners

St Macartan’s Primary School organised a free Pedal Powered Cinema event for its school community, where 550 students rode bikes for a day which fed into the school’s electricity grid. 

Another event saw 80 parents and students join 1,000 other riders in the FutuRide event at Federation Square which raised awareness of sustainability. 

Participants broke two world records for most electricity generated by pedalling on bikes for one hour, generating a total of 4,630 watt hours; and the most lights lit by power, illuminating 35,028 LED lights.  


One challenge was engaging parents and getting them to participate in the celebrations including the Pedal Powered Cinema Night and Future Ride events. This was overcome by informing parents through school newsletters and by getting students to have conversations with them about it. 


Students and teachers took the following actions to drive community projects: 

  • during the free Pedal Powered Cinema event, students listened to explanations about how much energy was required to run regular household items and made correlations about how much energy they had to generate
  • parents were invited to pedal on the bikes after school until the movie was shown on the school oval. Twenty parent volunteers cooked pizzas in the school’s outdoor kitchen
  • students presented at the Toolbox for Environmental Change: Greening Australia at the Melbourne Museum. Students presented the Return of the Phasmid Project (Melbourne Zoo). Students also presented at the Resource Smart Schools Awards 2012 and Kids Teaching Kids Conference 2012. Conferences were also held at the school 
  • the school was also featured on ABC Gardening Australia television show in February 2013. The school presented its sustainability initiatives to show host, Jane Edmanson. The school received great feedback from the general public and an increase in school tour requests. 

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