School project creates new wildlife passages for indigenous creatures

ResourceSmart School Biodiversity Award winner 2013 Bentleigh West PSFunded by a DEPI Communities for Nature Grant, Bentleigh West Primary School successfully managed and implemented its Locals Creating Wildlife Passages project. 

The project connected multi-generational community members with a common biodiversity goal of developing indigenous habitat sites in the Glen Eira, Bayside and Kingston municipalities to create wildlife passages for indigenous creatures.  


The main challenge that the school faced in this project was working across three municipalities.  The concept of the school’s project recognised indigenous flora and fauna do not have boundaries. 

However, Councils have delineated boundaries each with responsibility for their own spaces and communities. To overcome this challenge, the school consulted each municipality individually to understand what their best outcome would be. This was incorporated into their project’s strategic plans to ensure each individual Council’s plan was accommodated. 


Bentleigh West Primary School students and teachers engaged 20 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools across three municipalities – Glen Eira, Bayside and Kingston to:

  • research different types of indigenous plants that could be used on all sites 
  • plant 2,000 indigenous ground covers, grasses, shrubs and trees to create wildlife passages for indigenous creatures
  • the school hosted three professional learning sessions for local teachers
  • student and teachers ran a conference for 50 adults and 160 students. It featured workshops and presentations from teachers and external experts about a range of topics from how indigenous people used and cared for the land, to propagating and planting indigenous plants. 

ResourceSmart Biodiversity School of the Year 2013 category sponsored by:

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