Water Module resources

Water is a valuable resource, especially in our changing climate. If you and your students understand where water comes from and the processes involved in getting it to your school, you will better understand how precious it is and how best to use it.

Water efficiency helps schools to:

  1. Reduce water and energy costs
  2. Provide learning opportunities for young leaders
  3. Build a stronger school culture based on good communication and shared goals
  4. Raise their profile in the community
  5. Contribute to a better environment through water efficiency.


Water efficiency in schools - A practical 'how to' guide for Victorian schools

Valuable assistance in developing this guide has been provided by Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, SWEP, City West Water, Western Water, Melbourne Water, Goulburn Valley Water, South-East Water and WA Water Corporation.

This guide forms part of a suite of A practical 'how to' guides developed by Sustainability Victoria to help schools minimise waste, save energy and water, protect biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

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RSS Water Efficiency in Schools


Here you will find a range of resources to help support you in your ResourceSmart Schools journey. They can be used by those in early years settings as well as primary and secondary schools.

Your local water corporation will be a great resource for your school. Many provide free school visits as well as curriculum material. They also run competitions and events for National Water Week. If you find other water resources that help your school, let us know via email schools@sustainability.vic.gov.au.

Curriculum resources
Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water's online resources include games, short videos, factsheets and curriculum resources.

Water - Learn it! Live it!

The Water - Learn it! Live it! is a funded accreditation program available to metro schools including curriculum resources, free teacher professional development and ongoing support from your local education officer.

South East Water

South East Water's online resources and information about in-school activities and teacher professional development.

Melbourne Waterwatch

Healthy Waterways Waterwatch is a free, fun and hands-on river education program that supports community members, schools and businesses to be actively involved in monitoring and protecting the health of our rivers and creeks.

Waterwatch Victoria

Waterwatch Victoria has developed a range of resources to support teachers, students, monitors and the general public.