Frequently asked questions

  • Q What does it cost? OPEN

    Detox your Home is a free service.

  • Q Do I have to live in the municipality? OPEN

    No. All collections are open to any Victorian resident no matter where you live.

  • Q Do I have to register to use the service? OPEN

    Registration is required for collections in the metro region to help event planning and traffic management. You can register for free at or by calling 1300 363 744. After registration is completed the full collection site address will be provided to you and you will receive a reminder via e-mail/SMS.

    Registration is not required for collections in regional Victoria.

  • Q Can I dispose of chemicals that I use for my business? OPEN

    No. The service is only available for the disposal of household chemicals. Any business seeking to dispose of chemicals used for commercial or industrial purposes should contact a chemical collection service provider (search the Yellow Pages under “waste reduction and disposal services”), use the commercial waste disposal company listing on our website, or visit

    Trade paint can now be disposed of for free via the Paint product stewardship scheme.Trade painters should contact Paintback to find their nearest drop-off site.

  • Q How long will I have to wait? OPEN

    In 90% of cases, less than 10 minutes. But it could be longer depending on the time of day and the number of residents who attend.

  • Q Why is the mobile collection not collecting paint anymore? OPEN

    Disposing of paint is now easier for you.  You do not need to wait for an annual mobile collection in your area and can take it to permanent drop-off sites all year round.

  • Q What do I do if I'm not sure what a chemical is? OPEN

    Label it as "Unknown Chemical". Do not guess the chemical's name.

  • Q Is there a limit to how much I can bring? OPEN

    No. However, the maximum acceptable weight or size of any single container is 20 kilograms or 20 litres. The service is only for household chemicals. Chemicals used for farm, commercial or industrial processes will not be accepted. 

    Decanting is not permitted so bring chemicals in disposal containers.

  • Q How do I get the chemicals to the collection site? OPEN

    Use your car or trailer. If you don't have a car, perhaps friends, family or neighbours can help. There are a number of safety precautions you should observe when transporting chemicals, including:

    • Travel with your car windows down if carrying flammable or odorous materials.
    • Keep chemicals in their original containers.
    • Ensure lids are tightly fitted. Protect taps on drums so that the tap does not break off.
    • Place containers of liquids in a tray or plastic bucket so that they do not spill or fall.
    • Pack powders and solids securely.
    • Keep corrosive chemicals, such as battery acid, away from poisons.
    • Keep oxidising agents, such as peroxide, away from all other materials.
    • Double-wrap old liquid containers in plastic bags to prevent leaking.

  • Q Why don't you do a street collection like you do with hard waste? OPEN

    Chemicals pose a safety hazard if left on the street awaiting collection.

  • Q What happens to the chemicals? OPEN

    They are immediately sorted, placed in sealed drums and transported to a specialist waste treatment facility. Every effort is made to recycle chemicals or use them for other purposes such as energy recovery. As a last resort, a small amount of chemicals will be stored in secure landfills, in accordance with EPA Victoria requirements.

  • Q I've missed the collection. What can I do with my chemicals? OPEN

    There are 31 mobile collections held at various locations across Victoria annually. You can register for another upcoming collection at a location convenient to you OR you can drop off some household products (paint, household batteries, fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps [CFLs]) all year round at the permanent drop-off sites. If you are unable to access any collections you can consider a commercial waste disposal company to safely dispose of your chemicals.

  • Q Why is there no mobile collection in my council anymore? OPEN

    Under the current program model mobile collections are located to enable all Victorians to access the service no matter where they live. There are 31 annual collections providing you the option to attend the most convenient event. Your local council will promote and provide information for annual collections in your area/region.

  • Q Can I take chemicals to a Victorian permanent drop-off site instead of having to wait for a mobile collection? OPEN

    No. Chemicals pose a high risk when combined or stored in large volumes over a period of time. Permanent drop-off sites are not equipped to manage chemicals and will therefore only accept low risk products - paint, household batteries, fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Detox your Home mobile collections are designed, managed and licensed to accept chemicals.

  • Q Do Detox Your Home mobile collections accept ...? OPEN

    • Acetone - Yes
    • Acids and alkalis - Yes
    • Aerosol cans (full) - Yes - (empty cans can be disposed in your recycling bin)
    • Ammunition - No
    • Anti-freeze - Yes
    • Asbestos - No
    • Batteries - automotive - No
    • Batteries - household (alkaline, mercury, rechargeable, NiCd, mobile phones) - No
    • Battery acid - No
    • Brake fluid - Yes
    • Car body filler/ repair products, waxes -Yes 
    • Cleaners - bathroom, household, kitchen, drain, ammonia-based -Yes
    • Commercial cleaners - No
    • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) - No
    • Coolant - Yes
    • Depilatories - Yes
    • Detergents & disinfectants - Yes
    • Empty paint tins and chemical drums - No
    • Farm chemicals - No
    • Fertiliser - Yes
    • Fibreglass resins (not mixed) - Yes
    • Fire extinguishers - Yes
    • Floor-care products & waxes - Yes
    • Fluorescent tubes - No
    • Fuels - petrol, diesel, kerosene - Yes
    • Fungicide - Yes
    • Gas cylinders (domestic/BBQ up to 9kg) - No 
    • Glues - water-based & solvents - Yes
    • Hair care products & hairspray - Yes
    • Herbicides - Yes
    • Industrial chemicals - No
    • Insect spray/pesticides - Yes
    • Lubricants - automotive - Yes
    • Medicines/Pharmaceuticals - Yes
    • Mothballs - Yes
    • Nail polish & remover - Yes
    • Oil - cooking - Yes
    • Oil - motor - No
    • Oven cleaners - Yes
    • Paint - oil, latex/water based & artists' paints - No
    • Paint stripper, thinner & turps - Yes
    • Paintbrush cleaner - Yes
    • Petrol and other fuels - Yes
    • Photographic chemicals - Yes
    • Polish - furniture, metal, car, shoe - Yes
    • Pool chemicals - Yes
    • Rat poison - Yes
    • Rust remover - Yes
    • Smoke detectors - No
    • Solvents - Yes
    • Tile cleaners - Yes
    • Toiletries - Yes
    • Transmission fluid - Yes
    • Weed killers and herbicides - Yes
    • Window Cleaners - Yes
    • Wood preservatives & finishes - Yes

    Note 1: A number of permanent Victorian drop-off facilities are available across Victoria. These accept paint, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and all types of household batteries. For locations, see permanent Victorian drop-off sites or phone 1300 363 744. Some council transfer stations accept gas cylinders for free or at a cost. Contact your local council office or visit theRecycling Near You website.
    Note 2: Sump oil and other lubricating oils are collected at many council resource recovery centres and waste transfer stations. Contact your local council to find out details for your nearest motor oil disposal point. 
    Note 3: Car batteries are collected at many council resource recovery centres and transfer stations and some major battery retailers. 
    Note 4: Unused medicines and pharmaceuticals can also be returned to participating pharmacists throughout Victoria for disposal. For more information, visit or phone 1300 650 835. 
    Note 5: Empty paint tins may be disposed of through your local waste transfer station. Empty chemical drums may be collected through drumMUSTER. Contact your local council for further information. 
    Note 6: Contact the EPA on 1300 372 842 for information about transport and disposal of waste asbestos. 
    Note 7: Check Yellow Pages under "Waste Reduction & Disposal Services" OR 
    Note 8: ChemClear is a waste agricultural and veterinary chemicals program. Phone 1800 008 182 or visit 
    Note 9: Call 1800 136 089 for WorkSafe Victoria to pick up your ammunition. 
    Note 10: Household smoke detectors can now be disposed of in household rubbish. Commercial smoke detectors containing more than 40 kBq of radioactive material must be disposed of by returning to the supplier or manufacturer.

  • Q Can I take other items besides paint, batteries and CFLs to a permanent drop-off site OPEN

    Permanent drop-off sites a typically located at council depots and transfer stations that accept other items like gas bottles, car batteries , motor oil etc. However there may be a disposal cost attached. Please contact your local council for more information.