Items accepted and not accepted

toxic chemicalsBelow is a list of the items that are and aren't accepted at 'Detox your Home' collection points.

View a list of collection points and dates.

Accepted items

Acids & alkalis
Aerosol cans (empty cans can be placed in your household recycling bin)
Brake fluid
Car body filler
Car wax
Cleaners - ammonia based
Cooking oil
Detergents, disinfectants & drain cleaners
Fire extinguishers
Floor-care products & waxes
Fuels - petrol, diesel, kerosene, other
Glues - water-based & solvents
Herbicides & weed killers
Insect spray/pesticides
Nail polish & remover
Oven cleaner
Paint stripper, thinner & turps
Pool chemicals
Rat poison
Transmission fluid
Wood preservatives & finishes (oils & varnish)

Products you find around your home labelled with the following symbols will also be accepted:

Items NOT accepted

Item Disposal options
Motor oil

For information on used oil disposal points in your area:


Fluorescent lights
All gas cylinders 
  •  Some council transfer stations offer gas cylinder recycling – contact your local council office or visit the Recycling Near you website
Chemicals used by businesses for industrial and commercial purposes
Farm chemicals

For collection of unwanted rural chemicals

Waste asbestos
  • Call 1800 136 089 for WorkSafe Victoria to pick up your ammunition