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Summer tips

Staying cool and comfortable in summer doesn’t have to be expensive. Follow these tips to reduce your energy costs this summer.

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Shade your windows

Choose your cooler wisely

Insulate to stay cool

Stop the sun from passing through your windows and keep the heat out in summer.

  • Close your curtains during the day to keep the heat out
  • Use external shading to keep the sun off the windows
  • Cover skylights

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There are two main types of cooling systems.

Evaporative coolers are cheaper to buy and run and are most suited to hot dry climates. 

Refrigerative air conditioners are effective in most climates, and are available with a reverse cycle option. If you're buying a new one, compare running costs over the lifetime of the product with our Appliance Calculator

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Over 40% Victorian homes have inadequate ceiling insulation, allowing unwanted heat inside in summer.

Adding insulation to the walls offers further energy savings of at least 15.5 per cent and adds the equivalent of nearly one star to the overall energy rating.

Bulk insulation is one of the smartest ways to save money on energy bills.

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Other cool ideas


  • TAKE2 is Victoria’s collective climate change pledge initiative to reach net zero emissions by 2050, and keep the global temperature rise to under 2 degrees. Sign up to be part of Victoria’s action on climate change.

  • Ceiling fans and portable fans are very cheap to run, quiet & effective

  • Open your windows and doors as soon as the temperature outside is cooler than inside

  • Curtains, ideally with pelmets, are an efficient way of reducing the transfer of energy though windows

  • Set your air conditioner thermostat at 24-26 degrees – every degree lower will increase cooling costs by 10%

  • Draughts account for around 12% of summer heat gains through hot air coming in during the day. If using an air conditioner, make sure you close your doors and windows and seal up any gaps and cracks  

  • Avoid running your air conditioner all night unless you need to for medical reasons

  • If buying a pool pump, choose the most efficient one you can

  • Don’t be tempted to turn on that second fridge

  • Check your existing fridge – seals intact, coils dust free