Reduce waste when renovating

Renovating your home creates a significant amount of waste but most of this can be kept out of landfill and recycled. Thinking about reducing waste when planning your renovation can lower your renovation’s impact on the environment and save you money on landfill fees.

When planning your renovation and choosing contractors, think about ways to recycle the waste you generate or reuse it within your renovation. 

Tips for reducing waste

Consider these ways to reduce waste during your renovation:

Only replace what you need to replace

Does the kitchen cupboard really need to be ripped out? Will a fresh coat of paint and new benchtops create the look you’re after? This can also save you money on your renovation.

Reuse materials

Turn those lead light windows into highlight windows to ensure that a little piece of your home’s heritage remains. A little bit of creative thinking can turn trash into treasure.

Sell or give away your building products

With demand for vintage products, there are many people who are looking to reuse pieces from older-style homes.

Only order what you need

It is common practice to over-order so products don’t run out on-site. Try to think of some interesting ways to up-cycle the unused tiles from the bathroom, or re-purpose leftover bricks as a garden edging.

Plan for ongoing waste reduction

Even after the renovation, there are many ways to reduce ongoing waste in your new home. You can:

  • allow for recycling and compost bins in your new kitchen
  • plan for recycling and general waste bins in your new bathroom
  • create a space for a compost bin or worm farm
  • find a convenient spot for your general waste and recycling bins
  • find out more about safe household waste recycling.