In Victoria, householders spend about $800 a year or around one third of the average home’s energy bill on home heating.

Heating 32% of energy bill

What is energy efficient heating?

What is energy efficient heating

Energy efficient heating is much more than a good heater. It is a combination of:

  • Operating your heater efficiently
  • Having a heater that is appropriate for the area it is heating and for your needs  
  • Making sure that your home can retain the heat you  put into it (and pay for), for as long as possible, so think about insulation, keeping draughts out and effective window coverings

What are the benefits of energy efficient heating?

Energy efficient heating helps to reduce your energy costs and save you money. This also means improved comfort for you and your family. You will keep warmer in winter without the added expense of additional heating.

Things to consider

Regardless of the type of heater you have, if you operate and maintain your heating system wisely, you can reduce your energy costs and still be comfortable. You may even use the heater less.

  • Set your thermostat at a constant temperature between 18°C and 20°C for living areas.
  • Where possible, avoid leaving your heating running overnight or while you are out during the day. And, remember to turn your heating system off completely if you are going on holidays!
  • If your heater has a timer, set your thermostat to turn your heater on and off automatically in the morning and in the evening. Alternatively, for standard plug in heaters you can purchase a simple timer from your local hardware store to do the same job.
  • Zone your home. Minimise the area to be heated by closing doors to areas of your home that you are not using. Being able to close off different areas allows you to heat only those areas in use at any one time. Doubling the size of the heated area can also double the heating cost.
  • Some ducted heating systems can be automatically zoned and others can be manually zoned by closing off vents in rooms not being used. Check your systems instruction manual to see how many ducts can be closed at one time.
  • Maintain airflow by keeping curtains and furniture clear of ducted heating outlets and the return air grille so that they do not restrict the flow of air from the outlet and around the home. Clean the filter pads on the return air grille of a ducted heating system regularly.
  • Reversible ceiling fans can be effective in redistributing heat that has built up near high ceilings

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