Fans can be a cheap and efficient way to cool your home.

How fans work

While fans don’t reduce the air temperature, they create a more comfortable environment and can reduce the need to use other types of cooling. 

Ceiling or wall-mounted fans and portable electric fans can cost less than 2 cents an hour to run. They can be a particularly cheap and effective way to stay comfortable on warm, humid summer nights.

Ceiling fans can be used in conjunction with an air conditioner to make your home more comfortable by circulating the air around the room. This might allow you to run your air conditioner less often, or at higher temperatures. 

Reverse function fans

When purchasing ceiling fans, look for fans with a variable speed and reverse function.

The reverse function allows the blades to turn in the other direction and can be used in winter to push hot air up towards the ceiling, causing it to flow back down around the edges of the room mixing with cooler lower level air. This can be particularly effective if you have high ceilings or cathedral ceilings.

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Making a Smarter Choice

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