Staying cool and comfortable in summer doesn’t have to be expensive.

What is energy efficient cooling?

If you can stop the heat getting into your home during the day and let cool air in at night, you can reduce the need for expensive cooling equipment with high operating costs. Therefore, if you already have an air conditioner, you can reduce the need to use it, saving energy and money.

What are the benefits of energy efficient cooling?

Energy efficient cooling helps to reduce your energy costs and save you money. This also means improved comfort for you and your family. You will keep cooler in summer without the added expense of additional cooling.

Things to consider

Passive cooling

Consider these ‘passive cooling’ ideas to minimise the heat getting into your home and reduce the need for supplementary cooling:

  • shade north, west and east windows with external shading
  • insulate your ceiling, walls and floors
  • seal around windows and doors, and other cracks and gaps to stop the hot outside air from entering the house
  • expel hot air from the house and allow cool outside air into the house at night or after a cool change
  • landscape to provide shade in summer and natural light in winter.

Active cooling

If you need to actively cool your home with supplementary cooling, then it is important to choose the most appropriate system for your needs.


Ceiling, wall-mounted and portable electric fans can be a cheap and effective way to stay comfortable on warm, humid summer nights.

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling systems draw air through a moist pad, cooling and humidifying the air before it is blown through your house. They are available in ducted, wall-mounted and portable units, and work best in hot, dry conditions. They are less effective on humid days, and are not well suited to humid climates.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners extract heat from the air inside your house and transfer it outside, cooling the air to a temperature determined by a thermostat. They are available in portable, room and ducted systems.

Make a Smarter Choice

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Get advice on energy efficient cooling with the Smarter Choice retail program, where trained retail staff can advise you on energy efficient cooling choices in store.

Find your nearest retailer to take that next step towards being a more energy efficient household.

Download the Smarter Choice fact sheet on cooling below.

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Fact sheet: Cooling