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Waste to Energy Infrastructure Fund

The Waste to Energy Infrastructure Fund is a $2 million grant and investment facilitation program to support the installation of new, or upgrades to, waste to energy facilities to process organic waste in Victoria. The program is suitable for projects that are able to be commissioned by the end of December 2019.

The Victorian Government is taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including a net zero 2050 emissions reduction target for Victoria. The program will support investment in renewable energy technologies that will assist government to achieve this target as we transition to a low carbon economy.

The program is open to all waste to energy technologies, and has a strong focus on the recovery and reprocessing of food waste from the commercial and industrial sector as this presents a significant opportunity for greenhouse gas abatement. In 2014-15 Victoria’s commercial and industrial sector produced more than 300,000 tonnes of food waste of which only 22% was recycled.

Organic waste, when sent to landfill is initially decomposed by microorganisms that produce the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Over time, the oxygen in the landfill is depleted and different microbes continue the decomposition process generating methane, a greenhouse gas that is at least twenty-one times more potent than carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, trapping heat and contributing to climate change.

The grant program is available to businesses that produce food waste and / or have a high energy demand, the waste management industry, local government and water authorities or others that have a waste to energy project able to be commissioned by 31 December 2019 and that meet the Eligibility Criteria.

Funding is being made available for waste to energy infrastructure projects (new infrastructure or upgrades) that lead to an increase in GHG abatement, and will result in additional environmental and social benefits to the local community.

Funding is available to successful applicants (conditional on co-contribution of $1 SV: $3 industry or $1 SV: $2 for local government) for existing opportunities that meet the eligibility criteria.

Those that submit an application will have an opportunity to inform the Victorian Government of their project and how it can support the successes of the project including Sustainability Victoria’s Investment Facilitation Service. For more information on this service go to

The grant process involves two stages - an Expression of Interest (EOI), followed by a full application and detailed business case assessment process.

Applications are now closed.

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