Public Place Recycling Guidelines

There is now much a greater expectation in the community that there will be access to recycling facilities wherever they go - largely the result of state and local government policies that have made home recycling a way of life for so many Victorians.

Public Place Recycling (PPR) is a materials recovery system designed to collect materials from the waste stream for recycling in high-use public areas such as retail, recreational, sporting, tourist and transport sites.

The guidelines below contain practical information, case studies and resources. They apply whether you are adding recycling to an existing waste management system or developing a whole new waste and recycling system.

All of this information has been specifically sourced to assist with planning and implementing:

  • a consistent approach between recycling at home, work/school and play
  • a 5-stage process for maximising recovery of recyclable resources
  • the development of economical, easily-maintained waste and recycling systems.

Public Place Recycling Guidelines

Public Place Recycling (PPR) is a materials recovery system designed to collect materials from the waste stream for recycling in high-use public areas such as transport, recreational, sporting and retail sites.

The following is a list of PPR best practice, guidance and case study resources. The list will be refreshed as new materials become available or are updated.

Public Place Recycling Toolkit (third edition: August 2013)

The Public Place Recycling Toolkit (below) is a best practice resource to assist the implementation of a new public place recycling system or improvements to an existing system. It is highly recommended that applicants refer to this toolkit when developing and planning their project to ensure that the project is consistent with best practice models.

Document | PDF | 1335KB
Public Place Recycling Toolkit

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Public Place Recycling Toolkit

Public Place Waste Signage

Waste signage guidelines that provide information to deliver simple and effective waste signage for an event, venue, school, workplace or public area.

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Waste signage guidelines

Materials Efficiency

Advice on taking simple actions to reduce material use and waste generated, including waste assessment templates.

Local Litter Measurement Tool (LLMT)

The LLMT will standardise data collection protocols across Victoria, reducing the amount of time and resources needed to measuring and analysing litter. This resource will be available on the VLAA website ( in late 2013 and will support programs that have been successful in obtaining funding through the 2013 Regional Public Place Recycling Grants program.

Public Place Recycling case studies

Visit the Victorian Litter Action Alliance (VLAA) website to see the latest case studies that demonstrate excellence in litter prevention. The case studies focus on the planning and consideration that precede the implementation of litter campaigns and their successes and learnings.

Australian Packaging Covenant

The Australian Packaging Covenant is a sustainable packaging initiative that aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce litter packaging.

In March 2013, the APC published Guidelines for Public Place Recycling (PPR) in Shopping Precincts and Public Places. It is a practical step-by-step guide for local governments to implement PPR, particularly for shopping strips and precincts.


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Venues Public Place Recycling Toolbox

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Venues Public Place Recycling Resources