Stationeers Program

KABV Stationeers

Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria (KABV) Stationeers program aims to improve the look and feel of railway stations across Victoria by encouraging and supporting enhancement work undertaken by volunteers.

The Stationeers program supports the maintenance and improvement work undertaken by local rail authorities and works in collaboration with Public Transport Victoria, V/Line, VicTrack and Metro Trains.

Railway stations are often the gateway to a community and a clean and attractive station creates a sense of community pride. It is also less likely to invite litter or vandalism.

Stationeer volunteers

Stationeer volunteers establish and improve railway station landscapes by removing litter, installing murals and gardening. The work they do is extremely important in providing a safer and more pleasant looking railway station to passengers.

To ensure volunteers are equipped to do their job, KABV provides:

  • safety equipment (such as high visibility vests, signs and first aid kits)
  • safety training
  • public liability and personal injury insurance
  • permission from the appropriate railway authority to carry out volunteer work.

Active Stationeer groups in Victoria

Stationeer groups provide regular reports to the Stationeer program manager. These reports provide a unified process and monitoring system of the volunteer work taking place across Victoria's railway stations. The information also helps the Stationeer program manager to ensure that groups are best equipped to carry out volunteer work.

There are currently 51 active Stationeer groups of varying size operating across Victoria.

V-line video - the value of Stationeers volunteers


Becoming a Stationeer volunteer

If you would like to become a Stationer volunteer, set-up your own group or join an existing one, call 1300 363 744 or email

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