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Better Commercial Buildings Program

City of Kingston

The Better Commercial Buildings program supports owners of commercial buildings (including offices, hotels, retail, and data centres) in Victoria to identify and implement energy efficiency upgrades that lead to an improvement in building performance.

Improved building performance can lead to savings in energy costs, increased tenant satisfaction and lower vacancy rates.

The program will provide grants to commercial building owners to:

  • Conduct energy audits via a panel of pre-approved service providers
  • Implement energy efficiency upgrades of their choice
  • Measure and verify building efficiency improvement.

The program will also provide access to third-party finance to assist with upgrades.


The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) data has revealed that Victoria is currently the poorest performing state for commercial building energy efficiency.

The Better Commercial Buildings program aims to help owners improve their building’s NABERS rating by 1 star, on average, and save on their energy bills.

Register your interest

If you are the owner or agent for a commercial building or if you are interested in becoming a Service Provider for the program, register your interest below.

Non-government owners of non-Premium and A grade commercial buildings will be eligible for the program and selected through a grants application process.