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Reduce your building's heating, ventilation and air-conditioning energy use by up to 40%

Calculating Cool is a free, online benchmarking tool that provides users with a simple yet effective way to find out how efficient their building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are, and identify areas for improvements. 

Calculating Cool is available free of charge for industry to use and review the performance of their own HVAC systems - visit the Calculating Cool website to try it today. 

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Calculating Cool

Heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) accounts for 40-60% of energy costs in commercial office buildings.

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How it works

Research has identified that heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems account for around 40 to 60% of energy used in commercial office buildings. The total energy used by HVAC in non-residential buildings equates to an incredible 9% of the electricity produced in Australia, and nearly 4% of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions. In summer, 50% of peak electricity demand can be driven by HVAC in commercial office buildings.Compressed HVAC system pipes

However, an energy efficient HVAC system can reduce a building's HVAC related energy use by up to 40%, and even HVAC systems in modern, high-end buildings can often be improved.

Calculating Cool uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative (or attribute) data inputs to measure HVAC energy efficiency and the potential for improvements in areas including maintenance, documentation, user satisfaction, commissioning and tuning. It can help building owners or managers, HVAC professionals and other users discover how to make significant improvements to HVAC energy efficiency in a commercial office building of any size or grade. Additionally, it has been designed to be used alongside national programs such as Green Star and NABERS and can be used to identify areas to improve ratings.

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Calculating Cool

Project management and funding

The Calculating Cool project is being managed by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Council of Australian Government’s Buildings Committee with joint funding from the Commonwealth, States and Territories, and is being developed in collaboration with industry.

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Project Steering Group Members

Department of Industry (Commonwealth)
Sustainability Victoria (Victoria)
Office of Environment and Heritage (New South Wales)
Western Australian Government
Department of Energy and Water Supply (Queensland)
Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (South Australia)
Observers:  Tasmania

Calculating Cool
Project Technical Advisory Group Members

Department of Industry  (Commonwealth)
Sustainability Victoria  (Victoria)
Office of Environment and Heritage (New South Wales)
Australian Institute for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating
Facility Managers Association Australia
Property Council Australia
And other private organisations

More information

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Calculating Cool fact sheet

If you have any queries about Calculating Cool, email or call Sustainability Victoria on +61 3 8626 8700.