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Invest in waste and resource recovery infrastructure

Victoria is aiming to grow resource recovery in the state, generating up to $5 billion in opportunities for infrastructure investment by 2044. This equates to $120-167 million in annual investment opportunities in financing technology, infrastructure and expertise to significantly improve Victoria’s resource recovery.

Victoria leads Australia in the development of its waste and resource recovery sector.

Victoria's waste and resource recovery section has $2.2 billion in annual revenues and 590 waste and resource recovery businesses

We generate a quarter of Australia’s waste and this is expected to grow substantially over the next 30 years.

Victoria generates 11 million tonnes of waste per year, which will grow to 21 million annually by 2044

Sustainability Victoria is here to help you invest in waste and resource recovery infrastructure that increases resource recovery in Victoria.

Our investment facilitation service promotes local opportunities in the sector, informs your business case for investment and coordinates your relationship with the Victorian Government.

Our service to you

Sustainability Victoria offers a free and accessible investment facilitation service. We work with current and prospective investors from within Victoria, interstate or abroad.

The Investment Facilitation Service is delivered by Sustainability Victoria, on behalf of the Victorian Government, and the supporting Investment Prospectus was launched by Lisa Neville, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, on Thursday 8 October 2015 - see the media release.

Sustainability Victoria can help you by:

  • providing data and information on waste and resource streams
  • providing advice for business case development, approval processes and site planning
  • identifying potential financial and non-financial support  mechanisms across government
  • coordinating your relationship with government and facilitating introductions with interested parties across industry, government, regulators and the community
  • providing insight on the status and development of the local end markets
  • informing you of environmental issues and requirements
  • advising on engaging with local communities
  • helping you understand the government’s policy direction and its priorities.

Our Investment Facilitation Service is here to help attract and facilitate investment in waste and resource recovery infrastructure that increases resource recovery in Victoria.

Discuss tailored investment solutions


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Promoting Victoria

Invest in Victoria's resource recovery

Find out about Victoria’s waste and resource recovery sector, the Victorian Government’s plan and service for infrastructure investment, and the opportunities available in the sector.

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Informing your business case

We have created a variety of products to help inform business cases for investment in Victoria’s waste and resource recovery infrastructure. These products use the latest available data and projections and are regularly updated.


Take a look at our Investment Prospectus for more detailed information and data on the sector’s attributes and features unique to Victoria, material streams, and current and emerging opportunities for infrastructure investment across the state.



Find the data and information you need at a glance with one of our waste material factsheets.


Video case studies

See and hear how Victorian businesses are capitalising on opportunities in the local resource recovery sector.


Written case studies

Read more about local Victorian businesses investing to take advantage of resource recovery opportunities across Victoria.



See where the different infrastructure types are around the state.


Useful links and resources

Other information to consider when planning an investment.



Investment Facilitation Strategy

Find out more about Sustainability Victoria's approach to increasing investment in resource recovery infrastructure


Introducing the team

Christopher Lane, Investment Lead

Christopher leads the delivery of the investment service for prospective investors in the sector. He has over 10 years’ experience in attracting and facilitating investment, promoting international trade and supporting growth in small and medium sized companies in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Felipe Nino, Investment Advisor

Felipe advises investors on a variety of issues in the waste and resource recovery sector in Victoria, supporting their development of business cases and providing insight on the local market. His academic background in economics and postgraduate environmental studies combines with his experience in the banking, oil and gas industries to provide a valuable understanding of the private sector and environmental issues. Fluent in Spanish, Felipe is originally from Colombia and has worked in Colombia, the United States and Australia.